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How To Add Research Station To Ship in Starfield?


How To Add Research Station To Ship in Starfield? Research projects are very important to improving many parts of your journey in Starfield. They give you chances to improve your bases, weapons, spacesuits, and food and medicine stores of different kinds.

You will need to spend money on resources to start these projects. Sometimes, mining can help you get the resources you need to start these projects. Research stations are usually found in man-made outposts like your own, The Lodge, or even other outposts. However, it’s important to remember that they can also be easily built into your spaceship.

Some spaceships have their own study stations that are ready to help you with your science work. You can also add a study station to your ship with the right parts and changes if you’d rather take a more personalized approach.

This adaptability lets space explorers make their study tools fit their own needs, opening up a wide range of chances to learn and make things better in Starfield’s infinite world.

How To Add Research Station To Ship in Starfield?

If your ship has a Habitat (Hab) feature, you can have a study station on board. This is the middle part of your ship that you’ll walk through to get to the center. You can’t add a Research Station to a Hab section that doesn’t already have one.

How To Add Research Station To Ship in Starfield

You can only add a study station to your ship by getting rid of the Hab that’s already there. When you get some ships, like the Frontier, they already have a study station on board. You need either an Engineering Bay hab or a Science Lab hab.

It doesn’t matter what size or name it is. Select “View And Modify Your Ships” from a Ship Services Technician close. Click “Add” and then go to “Habitats” to choose which one to buy. To have a study station on your ship, you’ll need to either get rid of your present Hab or hack a way to add it.

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Why Should Your Ship Have A Research Station?

Even though there are many study stations in the space, it is very helpful to have one on your ship. For all kinds of changes and updates, you need Research Projects, which makes it your most-used station.

You can gather resources anywhere in the space and finish the project without going back to another world if you have one on your ship. You can “Track” resources for another project without leaving a planet that is full of resources.

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