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Under Ninja Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Watch!


Under Ninja Episode 8 Release Date: Ninja Word is so fascinating and the Ninja World is even more fascinating. In this article, I bring to you an anime based on the Ninja existence. The anime is “Under Ninja.” This anime is based on a manga of the same name. The story is fascinating with settings based in Modern Japan and Pacific War era Japan. Everything about this anime is perfect. Let’s not wait any more time, and dive straight into the nInja realm of Under Ninja Episode 8 Release Date, Where To Watch, and Spoilers!

Under Ninja Episode 8 Release Date

Under Ninja Episode 8 will be released on 24th November 2023.

Date Country/Zone Time
24 November 2023 Japan 01:00 AM
24 November 2023 South Korea 01:00 AM
23 November 2023 Philippines 11:00 PM
23 November 2023 India 09:30 PM
23 November 2023 Australia 11:30 PM
23 November 2023 Pacific Time 10:45 AM
23 November 2023 Eastern Time 01:30 PM
23 November 2023 Central Europe 02:30 PM
23 November 2023 Greenwich Mean Time 06:45 PM

Where to Watch Under Ninja Episode 8?

Crunchyroll has the rights to release Under Ninja outside Asia. Those in the USA or Canada can visit Crunchyroll and enjoy Under Ninja Episode 8. Every episode of Under Ninja is available on the above website with language support and subtitles. 

Spoilers for Under Ninja Episode 8

By the time of writing this post, there were no spoilers available for Unde Ninja Episode 8. Only the name of the episode is revealed by the creators. The name is “Every Last Ninja on the Surface Will Be Annihilated.” Other than this no info is on the internet. The absence of spoilers adds an element of speculation and gives wings to the viewers’ minds.

Those who follow any manga or anime series know how hard is it to wait for a new episode every week. The minds are constantly buzzing with what could happen next in the episode and how will it pave the way for further developments in the series. Just a few more days, and we all will get Under Ninja Episode 8, that too with language support.

Under Ninja Episode 8 Release Date

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Recap of Under Ninja Episode 7

The official synopsis for Under Ninja reads: “Within the shadows of Japan, a covert battle wages on. Around 200,000 ninjas still exist carrying out deadly missions as a secret organization, National Intelligence of NINJA, or NIN. But a challenger arises: UNDER NINJA. Known as UN, these ninjas oppose NIN at every turn. One such UN is Kuro, a high school loner sent to the front lines. What will be his fate and which faction will prevail?”

In the previous episodes, we saw the Russian man becoming infamous as Nerima Slashar. We also found out the real reason why the Russian man was inflicting severe injuries on others. He eventually gets caught by many ninjas, and he reveals to them that he wants to protect his baby daughter. Kuro hit the Russian man and took him to the officials with senior-ranking personnel. Kuro was an unemployed high school dropout who got enlisted in NIN and was on a mission to infiltrate a high school with his friends.

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Ever since the anime made its debut in October 2023, it has captivated viewers’ attention and kept them hooked on politics, assassinations, and survival games of ninjas. You can watch Under Ninja on Crunchyroll. The most recent addition was titled Meow Meow, Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow?” and was released on November 17. The upcoming episode will have the title “Every Last Ninja on the Surface Will Be Annihilated” on 24 November 2023. 

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