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Are Isha and Michael Still Together and What Happened Between Isha and Michael?

In the Netflix reality show Twentysomethings Austin, eight strangers spend a week together in a house in Austin, Texas, and talk about the good and bad things in their own lives.

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There are no rules in the house, so the actors can try new things, find out who they really are, and have fun.

“Twentysomethings Austin” has already put out each of its two 6-episode seasons on Netflix (on December 10 and 17 respectively).

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There were eight people in the house, and Isha Punja and Michael Fractor seemed like they might get along well. But what happened after the show was over?

Michael and Isha, Do They Still Live Together?

Even though many of the Twentysomethings: Austin stars decided to stay in the popular Texas city, they all had to move out of their Airbnbs in the Season 1 finale.

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All of the stars had to think about what to do next, and Michael chose to go back to California to figure out what to do with his job.

Isha, on the other hand, thought her clothing line, Hut Mentality, was starting to do well, so she wanted to stay in Austin and see it through.

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are isha and michael still together
are isha and michael still together

Michael changed his mind about the move after he said goodbye to Isha and was getting ready to start driving back to California. In the last few minutes of Season 1, Michael went back to the Airbnb and told Isha that he would stay in Austin as long as she wanted.

Michael said on the show, “I’m beginning to understand that a job is a job.” “There are a lot of them out there, but Isha is the only one.”

Michael and Isha still follow each other on Instagram, and their interactions on the social media app have been friendly.

But neither of them has said what’s going on between them directly, even though there are several reasons to think they are still together.

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Michael did give his sister the Hut Mentality jacket he bought in Austin, and on December 20, he posted a picture of himself and Isha on his Instagram stories. He wrote, “My Queen” under the cute picture.

What Happened to Isha and Michael?

On the show Twenty Somethings, Michael and Isha met. At first, there was no romance between them because they were both there for different reasons.

Isha also brought up the idea that they should only date people outside of their group. Before they went out together, they both went out with other people. Isha asked Michael out on a date, and the two of them went for tacos and a date.

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Michael took her on nice dates and outings, and they found that they really liked each other. Isha likes that her relationship moves slowly because it gives her time to focus on her fashion business.

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