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The Masked Singer’s Snowstorm? Standup Comedian Revealed

During Comedy Roast Night on The Masked Singer, Snowstorm made her debut. She in like a lamb and left like a lion. Thanks to the comedians present, including special judges Drew Carey and Jon Lovitz, the evening was filled with laughter.

Snowstorm eliminated Bride and Avocado and will compete again the next week. After winning the title of Queen of Masked Singer, Snowstorm will go up against two more opponents.

Snowstorm dominated the opposition during Fright Night, defeating Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow. The snowstorm will now battle against Harp and Lambs in the semifinals.

Who Is Snowstorm on ‘The Masked Singer?

After Snowstorm’s hints led to her being a comedian, the panelists speculated on who could be hiding behind the mask.

Thicke selected Whitney Cummings, while Scherzinger guessed Iliza Shlesinger, and Jeong chose Kristen Wiig.

McCarthy-last Wahlberg’s estimate of Nikki Glaser, 38, TV host, comedian, and FBoy Island host, was correct.

Fans had previously suspected Glaser was behind the Snowstorm mask based on her clue that “things haven’t been perfect,” which alluded to her first comedy special, Nikki Glaser’s Perfect.

Fans mistook a scene of Snowstorm toasting chestnuts in front of a fire as a reference to the several comic roasts in which Glaser has participated.

Snowstorm paid respect to the late Bob Saget during her farewell performance by bringing “SQUIGGLY”-spelled balloons to the stage.

Saget, who passed away in January 2022, appeared in season four of The Masked Singer as Squiggly Monster in 2020.

As Snowstorm, Glaser stated on the show: “Squiggly Monster was a great buddy who has since passed away, and it seems strange to cry with this voice.

“But he was the reason I performed this performance because his experience was so enriching, and I’m so grateful he had it before he went away. My performances have been for him, regardless of whether he desired them or not.


Who is the Snowstorm Character on the Masked Singer Us? Show Hints

Snowstorm’s vulnerability is “snowmen,” and “she can’t sit down” is a clue. Jon Lovitz provided a further hint: “She has shared the stage with A-list celebrities such as Rob Lowe and non-A-list celebrities such as Dr. Ken.”

Here’s the bundle of hints: “Let me tell you something amusing, y’all. To perform what I do, one must be icy-hearted.

Therefore, being a Snowstorm makes sense to me. And despite the fact that I can be in a complete snowstorm when I want to be, I promise I am the loveliest thing ever. I began working at the age of 18, and it took me two years to appear on the screen.

I had to shovel my way into a male-dominated field due to my gender. Things have not always been ideal; I have had failures.

But the reckless bombing has made me fearless. Therefore, this song is dedicated to my favorite fearless woman, Nicole. Who has had more notable ex-girlfriends than Nick?”

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