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Is Michael Strahan Gay? What Is ‘GMA’ TV Host’s Sexuality?


Michael Strahan is an American journalist, author, and TV personality who used to play defense in football. He is well-known because he co-hosts the Good Morning America show on ABC. He has also been an expert on football on the Fox NFL Sunday show. Since his wife said that he was gay, his fans have been wondering, Is Michael Strahan gay?

Michael Strahan was born to Louise (Traylor) Strahan and Gene Willie Strahan Sr. on November 12, 1971. The former football star played for the New York Giants for 15 years in the NFL. Even though he has been thought to be gay, let’s find out for sure if the NFL star is gay or not.

Is Michael Strahan Gay?

is michael strahan gay

No, Michael Strahan is not gay. Michael’s fans thought he was gay because of what his second wife, Jean Muggli, said about him in court during their divorce in 2006. Jean said that Michael had an affair with Dr. Ian Smith, who is well-known for hosting The Doctors, a talk show about health.

She also said that Strahan had stayed in Ian Smith’s small flat with one bedroom. In an appearance with Bryant Gumbel on HBO’s Real Sports in 2012, the NFL star denied being gay. He said:

“I think early on when you’re reading all these things in the paper that aren’t true — I’m not a cheater. I’m not gay. I mean, I didn’t beat anybody”.

Ian Smith also said that he and Michael were not dating. He said that he was married and couldn’t be with Strahan.

Michael Strahan’s support for the LGBTQ+ community is another thing that makes people wonder about his sexuality. He helped Human Rights Campaigns for New Yorkers for Marriage Equality, for example.

He also pushed for gay people to be allowed to play in the National Football League. In 2013, the football analyst told The Hollywood Reporter that he wished there was a gay player in the game.

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Who Are Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wives?

Wanda Hutchins

is michael strahan gay

Michael Strahan got married to Wanda Hutchins in 1992. They met at a soccer game in Germany, where Strahan went to high school, two years earlier. She was born the same day as her husband, on January 1, 1970, in Houston, Texas.

She was born in the United States, but her family came from Germany. She was vice president and executive head of Strahan Global Outreach, a non-profit that helped people with customer service, home furnishings, and appliances.

Strahan and Hutchins have two kids: Tanita, born in 1992, and Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr., born in 1995. The couple’s marriage started to fall apart after the birth of their second child. They both blamed the fact that they got married when they were so young for the breakup. They got a divorce in 1996, and Hutchins got a lot of money from the deal as alimony.

It is thought that she is worth about $2 million. Hutchins is a well-known interior designer and artist who runs Wanda Home Designs, a company that sells furniture and home decor.

She hasn’t gotten married again, so she lives alone with her son Dorian, who was born in 2001, but the father’s name hasn’t been revealed.

Jean Muggli

is michael strahan gay

Strahan met Jean Muggli at a spa and started dating. In 1991, they got married. Jean was born in Carson, North Dakota, on November 30, 1964. She is in charge of a shop that sells cosmetics. In December 2004, she had Isabella and Sophia, who are identical twin girls.

Muggli said the marriage was unstable and dangerous, and Jean said Strahan was cheating on her and hurting her but Strahan denied the allegations. In 2006, they filed for a divorce. In the divorce deal, Jean got $15 million, and she also gets $18,000 a month for child support.

The couple’s home in New Jersey, which cost $3.6 million, was split in half. Muggli sold her half and made another $1.8 million. This divorce deal was one of the most expensive in sports history.

Who Is Michael Strahan Dating?

is michael strahan gay

Michael Strahan is dating Kayla Quick since 2015. Michael Strahan got the honor of a lifetime on January 23 in Los Angeles when his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was revealed. He was surrounded by a lot of people, including his rarely-seen girlfriend, who were there to show their support.

The actor and his girlfriend, Kayla Quick, have apparently been together since 2015, but they haven’t talked much about their relationship.

Still, they made an exception for his special day and posed for pictures after his star, the first in the Sports Entertainment category, was unveiled.

Michael’s mom, Louise, and his three daughters, Tanita, Isabella, and Sophia, as well as his Good Morning America co-star Robin Roberts, his longtime business partner Constance Schwartz-Morini, and actor Terry Crews were also there.

Michael and Kayla took some pictures together, even though it was private time. In the pictures, the couple smiles at each other and kisses. She wore a pleated, full-length white dress under a camel coat, and he wore a navy tartan suit.

is michael strahan gay

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Kayla, who is 33, started and now runs Fizzness, a beauty-focused health brand that sells powdered drinks in single packets that are supposed to give “a daily dose of energy and beauty with antioxidants and adaptogens,” according to her website.

She doesn’t seem to have her own social media accounts, but she sometimes posts on the Instagram page for her business to push the health drinks.

Kayla doesn’t show up very often on Michael’s social media, but she did show up in a Christmas 2021 post where she and Michael posed in similar pajamas with three of his four kids.

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