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Where Is Craig Ferguson Now? Is Our American Host Making A Return?


Craig Ferguson is a Scottish- American comedian, writer, actor, and television host. He is famous for hosting the CBS late-night show The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. This article covers everything you need to know about the famous television host.

Craig Ferguson Early Life And Career

Where is Craig Ferguson now

Craig Ferguson was born in Springburn Glasgow Scotland. When he was young his family moved from Springburn to a Development corporation house in the nearby town of Cumbernauld where he grew up. Ferguson attended Muirfield Primary School and attended his high school at Cumbernauld High School.

After high school, he began as an apprentice to be an electronics technician at a local factory of the American company Burroughs Corporation. Craig Ferguson first visited the United States when he was 13 years with his uncle who lived on Long Island close to New York City.

Craig Ferguson finally moved to the United States in 1983 and he worked in Harlem a construction company. He also became a bouncer at the nightclub Save the Robots before making a move back to Scotland.

Where is Craig Ferguson now

Craig Ferguson’s experience in entertainment began as a teenager when he was a drummer for Glasgow punk bands such as Night Creatures and Exposure.

He also appeared on television as Confidence in Red Dwarf on STV Hogmanay Shows and Foot in the Grave in 1933.

He also had success in musical theatre and he appeared on stage as Brad Majors in the London production of the Rocky Horror Show. Craig Ferguson moved to Los Angeles in 1994 after his agent Rick Siegel saw him performing and asked him to come to the United States.

Craig Ferguson’s breakthrough, however, came when he was cast on The Drew Carey Show as the title character’s boss Mr. Wick. He played the role from 1996 to 2003. Craig Ferguson has been touring the United States and Canada with a Comedy show since the late 2000s.

Where is Craig Ferguson now

Craig Ferguson was announced to succeed Craig Kilborn in 2004 on The Late Late Show. His first show was on 3 January 2005. The show was a success and he had no human sidekicks such as Ed McMahon on The tonight show with Johnny Carson. The Late Late Show averaged 2 million viewers in its 2007 season compared with 2.5 million for Late Late Show.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson beat Late Night with Conan Brien for weekly ratings. However, Craig Ferguson announced he would leave The Late Late Show at the end of 2014. The final episode aired on 19 December 2014.

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Where Is Craig Ferguson Now?

Where is Craig Ferguson now

It was announced by Sony Pictures that Craig Ferguson would make a return on a new show Channel Surf with Craig Ferguson. Craig Ferguson also stated that he wanted to do Channel Surf because he thinks television has more to offer.

Craig Ferguson and his friends revealed the shocking moments of the week. Tom Mclennan the managing director of Whisper North also revealed that he is excited to work with Craig Ferguson once again.

Why Did Craig Ferguson Quit?

Where is Craig Ferguson now

Craig Ferguson during an interview with the Build series revealed that he felt overwhelmed. He further stated that he looked back and was surprised by how much work he had done. He further revealed that he did 250 shows a year for 10 years and it was too much for him.

However, the television host still remains active in the entertainment industry, and he has felt a sense of relief after leaving the show.

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Craig Ferguson’s Personal Life

Where is Craig Ferguson now

Craig Ferguson was linked to American actress Helen Atkinson Wood for 5 years. He has been married three times and divorced twice. The first marriage was to Anne Hogarth from 1983 to 1986, during which time they lived in New York.

Craig Ferguson’s second wife was Sascha Corwin. They both share a child. Ferguson then married Megan Wallace an art dealer.

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