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What Happened Between Hakimi And His Wife? Why Are The Couple Divorcing


Morrocan defender Achraf Hakimi has become trending news for days now following a divorce saga with his wife Hiba Abouk. It came as a shock to football fans and social media platforms when it was discovered that he owns nothing despite earning close to a million Euros in Paris Saint-German and the Morrocan National Team.

What Happened Between Hakimi And His Wife Hiba Abouk?

what happened between hakimi and his wife

Hiba Abouk filed for divorce from Hakimi but it was discovered that Hakimi had not registered any of his properties in his name. This was discovered during the court proceedings. She had filed for divorce and also requested half of all his properties. But to her shock, it was discovered the footballer owned nothing.

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Which Name Did Hakimi Use In All His Assets?

what happened between hakimi and his wife

Hakimi had registered all his properties and monies in his mother’s name and whenever he needed something he would ask his mother to buy it for him. All his houses, cars, shoes, and in his jewelry were registered in his mother’s name.

Hakimi’s salary was also paid in his mother’s name and 80% of his wealth bore her name.

 Who Is Hakimi’s Mother?

what happened between hakimi and his wife

Sadia Mouth is the mother of Paris Saint-German star Achraf Hakimi. She first came into the famous limelight when she got a famous picture kissing her son in Morocco’s win over European giants Spain in the Round of 16 stages at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Sadia Mouth stays in Madrid with her family as she and her husband reside as immigrants in Spain. She was born in Morroco same as her husband Hassan Hakimi before they moved to Spain. She has other two children a boy and a girl.

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Why Did Hakimi Register All His Assets to His Mother?

what happened between hakimi and his wife

It was reported that Hakimi had earlier transferred all his assets and property to his mother’s name in the process of the ongoing divorce saga. It was also reported by Pulse Sports that Hakimi and Abouk have been legally separated for a while now however the couple has not been legally separated now.

It was rumored that the reason Hakimi transferred all his wealth to his mother was because of unforeseen circumstances which have been proven the best decision for him.

Why Did Hiba Abouk File For a Divorce?

what happened between hakimi and his wife

Hiba Abouk filed for a divorce after three years of marriage because the defender was earlier accused of raping a woman he invited to his matrimonial home and an investigation into the rape has already commenced last month.

However, Abouk has also made name for herself and she is also a famous Spanish actress with an estimated net worth of about $2 million. Hakimi has reported a net of about $24 million and 80% percent of his wealth is controlled by his mother.

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