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When Is The Aquarion Season 4 Release Date? Get Ready To Be Thrilled!


Genesis of Aquation also known as Aquarion is a Japanese anime television series.
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It is written and as well directed by Shoji Kawamori and produced by State Light. Aquarion was set in the future of a giant machine called Aquarion is humanity’s only effective weapon in the fight against technologically advanced species which are called Shadow Angels.

When Did The Aquarion Start Broadcasting?

aquarion season 4 release date

The aquarium started airing on April 4 to September 26, 2005 and was broadcasted on TV Tokyo. State Light opened a website recently opened a website to reveal that the anime franchise was been renewed for a fourth season.

Fans of The Aquarion were all happy and excited about the information. The anime series is all set and getting for its fourth anime series titled Sosel no Aquarion Myth of Emotions.

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When Is The Aquarion Season 4 Release Time And Date?

aquarion season 4 release date

There is currently no release time and date and date for The Aquarion Season 4. However, the anime series is set to feature an exhibition and a comment video from the original creator Shoji Kawamori at the State Light’s Boot. The State Light boot will also display the teaser and visual for the anime series.

Shoji Kawamori also had this to say on The Aquarion Season 4 debut and on what fans are to expect ” I hope that for this fourth season together with a new team I can again a world that no one has ever seen before please look forward to the broadcast now. Everyone let’s unite together”.
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aquarion season 4 release date

The Aquarion anime series debuted in Japan in 2005 and Funimation offered the series with a DVD which was then released in 2008. The anime also received two sequel television anime Evoi which debuted in 2012 and Aquarion Logos in 2015.
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Funimation licensed and streamed both anime and released them on Home videos.

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The Aquarion Plot Summary

aquarion season 4 release date

Twelve thousand years after the events of Genesis of Aquarion, mankind was living on planet Vega and was threatened by a new enemy from the planet Altair. The invaders from the Altatir female population were wiped out by a mysterious disease called the Curse of Eve.

The invaders were abductors just like Shadow Angels, they invaded the city of Vaga to kidnap their female population as a way to ensure the preservation of their race. In other to defend against the attack the Neo-DeAVA organization formed two teams. One was organized for only males while the other was strictly for females.

Each one piloting their giant machines called Aquaria. To protect their new friend Mikono who is a teenager, Amata Sora makes use of the power that was meant to be kept secret for his entire life, and by combining Vectors with male and female pilots into one robot the famous giant Aquarion was reborn.

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