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What Is the Renewal Status of Rage of Bahamut Season 3? Fans on The Edge of Their Seats!


Rage of Bahamut, a popular cartoon show made by Cygames, shows a world where humans and demi-humans live together. When the anime first came out in 2014, it became famous quickly and was given a second season.

The series is known for having some of the most interesting characters, an engaging story, and a well-developed setting of any anime show in recent years. Even though the Rage of Bahamut series is very famous, there hasn’t been much news about its expansion.

Since 2017, when the second season ended, there has been a break. Fans are upset with Amazon and MAPPA because recent events show that there is only a small chance that the show will be revived for a third season.

Rage of Bahamut Season 3 Release Date – Possibilities of Getting Renewed

Rage of Bahamut season 3 release date

Rage of Bahamut Season 3 has not been officially announced or canceled by the creators.

MAPPA, the company that made both seasons of Rage of Bahamut, is currently getting compliments for their work on Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Hells Paradise. As we can see, MAPPA is working on a lot of great projects at the moment, but they haven’t said anything about the third episode of the series yet.

Amazon Anime Strike and the people who made the anime are also pretty quiet about the subject. So, season 3 of Rage of Bahamut has not yet been approved by the show’s writers or has been canceled. So, as time goes on, fans of the shows get more and more impatient.

But the show’s popularity is one reason why a third season might be possible. The anime has a big and loyal fan base, and both of its seasons have gotten good reviews from both viewers and critics.

Rage of Bahamut season 3 release date

Good sales have also been made of merchandise and other things related to the series. The choice about whether or not to make a third season of the show could be affected by how well Cygames ventures like Shadowverse and Dragalia Lost do.

The idea of a third season of the show is interesting, and fans will be looking forward to any news about what will happen next. Even though there is no confirmation, it seems likely that there will be a third season.

This is because the show is popular and there is room for more story development. Fans can only hope that the third season will be just as interesting and exciting as the first two, making the wait worth it.

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Is Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul a Follow-Up?

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul is like a continuation of the first anime series. Rage of Bahamut’s second season takes place 10 years after the first. It has new characters and ideas, but it still takes place in the same world.

The series uses a lot of the same themes and ideas from the first books, like demihumans and the idea that gods talk to people on Earth through avatars. It also adds to the story and world that were already set up in the last book.

Some characters from the first series show up in Virgin Soul, so people who watched the first series might remember some familiar faces.

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Even though the two series are different and can be watched on their own, Virgin Soul has a lot to do with the world and story of the first one and can be seen as a continuation of that universe.

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