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Bad Bunny’s Shocking WWE Injury: The Truth Behind His Brutal Match!


You might be wondering what happened to Bad Bunny if you’ve been watching WWE for a while or if you’ve seen his scary picture on his Instagram stories.

Well, the singer of “Tit Me Pregunto” has won many Grammys and is also a WWE champion. He made his start at the Royal Rumble in 2021, where he did a tag team with another Puerto Rican wrestler, Damian Priest. But this time, he fought with his old partner in a “street fight.”

So what happened to Bad Bunny and his big fight with Damian Priest? Find out more by reading on.

What Happened to Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny's Shocking WWE Injury: The Truth Behind His Brutal Match!

What happened to Bad Bunny? Damian Priest was beaten by Bad Bunny in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In this “street fighter” pay-per-view show, he came out with a shopping cart full of chains, bats, folding chairs, and sticks. Legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio and members of the Latin World Order (Finn Balor, Carlito, and Dominik Mysterio) joined Bad Bunny.

Damian sent Bad Bunny through a table below the technical area. Bad Bunny got hurt, which Damian talked about in his Instagram stories after the game. He took off his shirt to show cuts and bruises on his back. This was different from how he looked at the Met Gala a few days earlier when his shirt was open to show a clean back.

Damien lost the match when Bad Bunny used his signature wrestling move, “The Bunny Destroyer,” on him. On social media, fans went crazy, calling it one of the best matches ever. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Back in 2021, Bad Bunny was talking about how much he loved WWE and pro wrestling. I bet not many people paid attention to him before he started wrestling, and now he is The Greatest Celebrity Wrestler Of All Time.”

Bad Bunny's Shocking WWE Injury: The Truth Behind His Brutal Match

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Another fan said that the show should have been the most important part. “Honestly, I think it’s a HUGE L that WWE didn’t make Bad Bunny and Damian Priest the main event. They earned it, and look what happened. All of Rey Mysterio, LWO, Bad Bunny, Savio Vega, and Carlito are in the same ring. That’s a great image to end the show on…. #WWEBacklash”

Bad Bunny's Shocking WWE Injury: The Truth Behind His Brutal Match!

Bad Bunny talked about how much he loves professional wrestling in an interview with Allure. He said, “Really, wrestling has taught me a lot, and I’ve used that in my work.” “The style, how important it is to have a signature move, line, or look, and how you should always keep the element of surprise in mind. In wrestling, people love it when they are surprised.

I want my songs to make people feel the same way.” Then he talked about his time in WWE and how proud he is of it. “It was like I died and went to heaven,” he said. “I’ve never watched a recording of one of my performances. Never. But I’ve seen my wrestling match a hundred times. I went to bed every night for about a week and watched it.”

Damien Priest talked to People before the match and praised his former partner for how hard he worked in the WWE. He even worked with him before the fight. Damien said, “I saw how hard he worked.” “I saw how fast he caught on. Once I told him how to do something, he could do it on his own. He was there for WrestleMania.

“He loves running the business,” he said. “He likes it a lot. And he’s been respectful of it. So, I know that for him to come back now, he’s not here to promote anything and he wants to be part of the product, so I’d think he’s just as happy as he was for his first match at WrestleMania. I remember that he was excited and scared like a little kid. It was really cool.”

Damien said this about his own love for his work and his country: “I fell in love with boxing in Puerto Rico. It’s like going to church. I looked up to these people like they were superheroes, and it’s crazy to me that I get to bring that feeling to the island, where maybe a kid will see me and think the same thing. It means everything to me.”

He also said that having the match in Puerto Rico is a bigger honor than winning a title. “Yes, I could win the big title or have a “WrestleMania moment” on my own, but this? He said, “This is about so much more than just me or him.” “This is about our culture and history, and that feeling of being a part of something so important can’t be made again. It must be the most important thing I ever do.”

Bad Bunny's Shocking WWE Injury: The Truth Behind His Brutal Match!

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How about the Bad Bunny’s personal life? So, he’s in Hollywood and going out with Kendall Jenner. A person told Entertainment Tonight that the two might be getting more serious about their relationship. “Kendall and Bad Bunny are attracted to each other and definitely have a flirty vibe,” a person said. “It’s still new, but they seem to like each other and enjoy being together.

They share friends, and on Saturday night, they went to Wally’s in Beverly Hills to eat with Hailey, Justin, and their friends. So far, it’s been fun for both of them. “Bad Bunny recently bought a new house in Los Angeles and has been spending a lot more time there,” the person said. The person also says that the two are having a good time. “Kendall met him through a friend they both had, and they got along great. As of right now, it’s not serious, and the two are having fun.”

On the way to the after-parties after the Met Gala, Bad Bunny stood behind Kendall Jenner in most of the pictures taken by the paparazzi and let her look shine. This is the second time this week that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have been seen together in New York City. On Saturday, April 29, 2023, before the Met Gala, the two were seen going to dinner together at Carbone, a famous Italian restaurant in the West Village.

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