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Succession Season 4 Ending Explained: the Final Twist Will Blow the Fans Mind!


After four seasons, Succession, the Emmy-winning drama series about the power struggle within the Roy media empire, has come to an end. The series conclusion, “With Open Eyes,” presented a startling twist that stunned and satisfied viewers.

In this article, we will discuss Succession Season 4 Ending Explained And Season 4 Ratings. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Succession Season 4 Ending Explained!

The GoJo Deal

Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) are all in various moods before the board votes on the GoJo deal. Shiv is optimistic that she has been hired as the American CEO for Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd), the tech tycoon who wants to buy Waystar Royco.

Kendall is desperate to put a halt to the agreement and become CEO himself. Roman is healing from the death of his father in Barbados, where he is being visited by his siblings. Shiv’s world begins to fall apart when she discovers that Matsson is meeting with other potential CEOs, including Lawrence Yee (Rob Yang), the former CEO of Vaulter.

She also realizes that Matsson is more interested in her sexuality than in her ideas or leadership. He informs Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), who joins him on a night out, that he wants a figurehead who will handle public relations while he runs the show behind the scenes. He believes Tom is an ideal contender for the position.

Meanwhile, Kendall persuades Roman and Shiv to assist him in his candidacy for CEO. He claims to have the most experience and charisma, whereas Roman choked at their father’s burial and Shiv is inexperienced. After a hazing ritual involving a terrible smoothie, his siblings agree to back him up. They also plan to pay a visit to their father’s old apartment before Connor (Alan Ruck) and Willa (Justine Lupe) relocate.

The Board Vote

The board voting is a tense and dramatic event that includes multiple twists and turns. First, Kendall makes his plea for CEO, with Roman and Shiv on his side. He promises to carry on his father’s legacy while modernizing Waystar Royco. He also adds that he has acquired enough votes from other board members to prevent the GoJo deal from going through.

Succession season 4 Ending Explained

Matsson, on the other hand, reacts with his own offer: he will increase his investment by 10% and install Tom as his American CEO. He also admits to buying off several of Kendall’s pals, including Frank (Peter Friedman) and Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron). Tom admits his betrayal of Shiv and his loyalty to Matsson, stating that he wishes to be on the winning side.

Shiv is taken aback and wounded by Tom’s decision, but she swiftly rebounds and makes her own presentation for the CEO. She thinks she can collaborate with Matsson while still protecting Waystar Royco’s interests. She also takes advantage of the board’s devotion to her father and their fear of losing their positions.

The three possibilities, Kendall, Tom, and Shiv, have split and perplexed the board. They agree to take a break and meet again later. During the break, Kendall attempts to persuade some board members to support him, while Shiv confronts Tom about his betrayal.

Tom expresses his affection for her, but he also expresses his desire to be powerful and respected. He claims that he has been too devoted to her for too long, while she has mistreated and cheated on him.

Shiv understands she has permanently lost Tom, and she also loses hope of becoming CEO. She encourages Kendall and Roman that they should vote as a group as siblings. She advises them to vote for Kendall because he has the best chance of winning.

When the board reconvenes, however, they are in for another surprise: Connor declares that he has a proxy vote from their mother Caroline (Harriet Walter), who owns 3% of Waystar Royco’s shares. Caroline, he claims, has decided to vote for him as CEO because he is the eldest and most stable son.

The board is once again in disarray following Connor’s announcement, as no one expected him to be a contender for the throne. Connor intends to establish Waystar Royco as a family business with his siblings as partners. He also said he will respect his father’s wishes and refuse the GoJo agreement.

The board now has four choices: Kendall, Tom, Shiv, or Connor. They decide on a secret ballot vote, with the majority winning. The votes have been tabulated, and the winner is Tom by one vote.

Tom is named the new CEO of Waystar Royco, reporting to Matsson. He expresses gratitude to the board for their confidence and support, and promises to take the company into a new age. He also promises to retain his siblings in the company, but he will not accept any disloyalty or sabotage.

Tom’s win has astonished and defeated the siblings. Kendall is enraged, accusing Tom of being a traitor and coward. Shiv is hurt and wonders how Tom could have done this to her. Roman is stunned and looks at Tom in amazement.

Tom assures them that he done everything he could to survive and achieve. He claims to have always admired them yet despised them for their privilege and attitude. He claims that he has now proven himself worthy of their dread and respect.

The episode concludes with Tom exiting the boardroom, leaving his brothers behind. He smiles triumphantly, while they exchange despairing glances.

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The Final Twist

Succession’s final revelation is both unexpected and satisfying, as it defies both the audience’s and the characters’ expectations. Throughout the series, Tom was shown as Shiv’s faithful and submissive husband, Logan’s loyal and obedient employee, and Greg’s loyal and kind cousin.

He was also seen as a comedic relief character, frequently providing levity and humor in contrast to the show’s grim and serious tone. In the end, though, Tom displays his true colors: he is a smart and ambitious man who has been playing the long game the entire time.

He’s been waiting for the proper opportunity to gain power and fame, even if it means betraying his wife and friends in the process. He has also kept his intelligence and competence hidden while discreetly learning from Logan and Matsson.

Succession season 4 Ending Explained

Tom’s triumph is particularly appropriate because it echoes the themes and messages of Succession. In the framework of the media industry, the show has been delving into the nature of power, riches, family, loyalty, morality, and legacy. It has demonstrated how these influences shape the personalities, relationships, decisions, and actions of the characters.

Tom’s win demonstrates that authority is earned rather than given. It demonstrates that riches is a cause of greed and corruption rather than a source of happiness or security. It demonstrates that family is not a source of affection or trust, but rather of conflict and betrayal.

It demonstrates that loyalty is a commodity and a liability, not a virtue or a duty. It demonstrates that morality is a convenience and an excuse rather than a philosophy or a value. It demonstrates that legacy is neither a gift nor a burden, but rather a challenge and a trap.

Tom’s win also demonstrates that Succession is a story about flawed and nuanced human people, rather than heroes or villains. It demonstrates that no one is simply good or wicked, but rather that everyone has their own motivations and objectives.

It demonstrates that no one is safe or secure, but rather that everyone is vulnerable and exposed. It demonstrates that no one is predictable or consistent, but that everyone is unpredictable and changeable.

Because of its great writing, directing, acting, cinematography, music, and production design, Succession has been one of the most acclaimed and popular drama series in recent years.

Because of its brilliant banter, dark humor, intriguing narrative twists, emotional moments, and unforgettable characters, it has also been one of the most fascinating and enjoyable shows in recent years.

Succession’s series finale delivered on all of these fronts while also offering a satisfying finish to the Roy family saga. It was a television storytelling masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.

Succession Season 4 Ratings!

Everyone considers a show’s rating while making their decision about it. Examining how well a show performs in the ratings is, for the most part, the most reliable method for determining whether or not it will continue to be shown.

Your odds of succeeding in the competition increase as your rank rises. IMDb users gave the show a 9.6 out of 10 rating, and Rotten Tomatoes viewers gave it a 98% approval rating from their audience.

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