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Goku Vs Vegeta: Who is Stronger?


Hello, Dragon Ball fans! Whenever fans watch any new episode of Dragon Ball, there is always one question that arises in their minds: Who is stronger, Goku or Vegeta? Whenever Goku unlocks any new power or transforms into Super Saiyan 3 or Super Saiyan God, Vegeta also tries to reach the same level.

In Dragon Ball Super, when Goku got his new power of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta was surprised and said, “What have you become, Goku“. In the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta also tries to get a similar power, but all his efforts go in vain.

However, Goku and Vegeta fought many times, in which Vegeta gave a close fight to Goku. But the prime question Here Is Prince Vegeta Stronger than Goku?

Today in this post we will discuss Who is Stronger, Goku or Vegeta. So Let’s Dive deep And lost into the world of Dragon Ball. So Stay tuned with us till the end of the post and We will provide you with all of the answers.

Goku Vs Vegeta: Personality and Motivation

One of the most important differences between Goku and Vegeta is how they think and why they do what they do. Goku is known for his strong sense of right and wrong and his good heart.

He fights to protect his friends and people who aren’t doing anything wrong. He also fights to push himself and improve his skills. He likes to fight people who are strong, but he doesn’t want to kill or control them. He is always ready to let his enemies off the hook and give them a second chance.

Vegeta, on the other hand, starts out as cruel and proud, but he changes into a more caring and selfless person over time. He fights to show that he is the best prince of the Saiyans and to free his people from Frieza’s rule.

Goku Vs Vegeta

He has fierce competition with Goku, who he sees as both his biggest challenge and his biggest source of inspiration. He is often motivated by anger and pride, but he learns to respect and trust the people who help him.

When They First Meet, Vegeta is a Lot Stronger Than Goku!

When Goku and Vegeta meet for the first time in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta is a lot stronger than Goku. Goku’s base strength isn’t even enough to keep up with Vegeta when he’s just getting warmed up. The Elite Saiyan forces Goku to use Kaioken right away or die. As a Great Ape, the Prince is even stronger. He can break almost every bone in his opponent’s body.

Vegeta is strong, but he doesn’t have Goku’s skill and determination. Even though he has a huge lead, Goku taps into Kaioken, uses pure martial arts to beat him, and hurts Vegeta’s pride with some of the best fight routines in Dragon Ball.

In the Saiyan arc, Vegeta’s real problem is that he is too proud. If the beam fight hadn’t scared him so much, Vegeta would have seen that Goku was out of energy. Instead, he uses up his own Ki to turn into an Oozaru, which is a way of telling Gohan and Krillin to save Goku before it’s too late.

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Vegeta Attacks Beerus!

Battle of Gods is one of the best times in the series for Vegeta. After spending the whole second act doing what Beerus told him to do to keep the Earth safe, he loses control when the God of Destruction hits Bulma. Vegeta strikes Beerus and draws blood because he can’t control his anger.

Vegeta Attacks Beerus

In Super Saiyan 2, Vegeta hurts Beerus more than Goku did at the beginning of Super Saiyan 3. Even better, he can hit Beerus while getting Master Roshi’s praise. Once Goku activates Super Saiyan God, he beats Vegeta, but the Prince of All Saiyans beat his rival when it counted most.

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Vegeta Unlocks His Ultra Ego!

The Dragon Ball Super manga debuted Ultra Ego in Chapter 74, “Vegeta vs. Granolah.” Most of the chapter is about Granolah beating Vegeta so badly that he has no chance of winning. Just as it looks like Vegeta is going to lose the battle, he thinks about how much he loves the thrill of fighting and wakes up a new form that is similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Ego, on the other hand, is all about force, which is different from Ultra Instinct. Vegeta only gets stronger as he takes more damage, which makes him want to fight aggressively and face strikes head-on. Even though the user will finally feel the effects of any injuries they get during Ultra Ego, the form seems to either make the pain go away or turn it into more power.

Is Vegeta now more powerful than Goku? Even though Goku is getting closer to being able to use another version of Ultra Instinct, there is no ignoring how powerful Ultra Ego is. Where Ultra Instinct gives the user control over how he moves, Ultra Ego gives the user so much power that they can fight however they want. There’s a small chance that Ultra Ego is better than even Mastered Ultra Instinct.


Goku and Vegeta are both very strong and skilled fighters who have shown they can beat a lot of different opponents. They both have about the same amount of power and skills, but they also have different strengths and flaws that could affect how they do in a fight. In the end, it’s hard to say who is stronger because they’re both always getting better and passing each other. The best way to find out is to watch them fight again in Dragon Ball, this time with everything on the line.

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