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Who Is Maria Shriver Dating? All You Need To Know About The Former California First Lady


Maria Shriver is famously known as the former first lady of California and a well-known journalistic works. However, Maria Shriver might be currently single and fans are eager to find out the current relationship status of Maria Shriver.

This article covers all you need to know about Maria Shriver as well as her current relationship status.

Who Is Maria Shriver?

who is maria shriver dating

Maria Owings Shriver is an American journalist and author as well as a member of the Kennedy family, and the former First Lady of California. Maria Shriver is also the founder of the nonprofit organization known as The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

Maria Shriver started her career at XBD station KYW-TV before briefly hosting the CBS Morning News before she joined NBC News in 1986. After she had anchored the weekend edition of the Today Show and the NBC Nightly News. She also became a correspondent for Dateline NBC, while covering politics.

who is maria shriver dating

However, she left NBC News in 2004 and focussed on her role as the First Lady. She also made a return in 2013 as a special anchor for reporting at NBC, she received a Peabody Award in 1998, and was the co-anchor for NBC Emmy-winning coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Maria Shriver as the executive producer of The Alzheimer’s Project Shriver earned two Emmy Awards and an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for developing a television show with a conscience.

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Who Is Maria Shriver Dating?

who is maria shriver dating

Maria Shriver has been in a relationship with Matthew Dowd even before she finalized her divorce from her ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger where he was helping him win his election. This key strategist is often wanted in the group of politicians and as both of them were involved in the field and it seems like fate brought them together.

The couple however began dating in 2014 and this was also when Shriver had officially left her husband. She has also been in a lot of controversies because of her PDAs with Dowd on the streets of California.

However, with time people seemed to accept the couple and they have been living a happy life. When people started to speculate that they might be together Shriver then claims that it was all an elaborate prank and nothing else how ever as time went on they owned up to their relationship.

Who Was Maria Shriver’s Ex-husband?

who is maria shriver dating

Maria Shriver was married to former famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1986. The air at that time was considered to be one of the Power Couples back in the 90s. They had powered through the way to the California elections and mannered to be governor and the First Lady in 2003.

Why Did Maria Shriver Break Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger?

who is maria shriver dating

Maria Shriver despite having a powerful marriage was quite not a happy relationship as there was an extramarital affair. It was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was having an affair with their housekeeper.

When the news broke out it was difficult for Shriver to keep the marriage still going and alive. The couple then decided to go there several parts when they realized they could no longer be together. The couple then filed for divorce in 2006. However, the divorce was finalized in 2017.

The reason for the long delay in the divorce was not stated but it seems like Maria Shriver was the happiest among the two couples with her new boyfriend Dowd.

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Maria Shriver’s Net Worth

who is maria shriver dating

Maria Shriver has had a successful career both as a journalist and as a politician. It has been estimated that her estimated net worth is about $200 million. This is due to her successful career and also being a member of the John F Kennedy who is known as her uncle.

She has also written quite a number books and she has been featured in some movies. All of these career paths had brought her a lot of income as well as revenue.

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