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Looking for More Romance and Drama? Try These 10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary!


10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary: If you are a fan of Bad Thinking Diary, a manhwa by Park Do-Han and Rangrari that follows the erotic and romantic relationship between two best friends Minji and Yuna, you may be interested in reading other manga with a similar plot.

Here are ten manga with similar themes and elements to Bad Thinking Diary, including yuri, smut, drama, and college life. Scroll down and Read the full article.

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary!

1. Secret Class

In the series, Secret Class, romance and harem are combined with mature humor and preposterous situations. The program follows the life of Dae Ho, an innocent adolescent who was deserted at age 13 and then rescued by a friend of his father. Secret Class Manga is an online resource for reading Secret Class.

2. Pulse

Pulse is a manhwa written by Ratana Satis that tells the tale of Mel, a successful cardiologist who lacks only love, and Lynn, a young girl with a heart condition. Mel offers to heal Lynn for free for three months if Lynn will be her companion. You can read it on Mangatoto

As their relationship faces various challenges and obstacles, what begins as a contract quickly transforms into something more. Pulse is an emotionally complex and mature manhwa that explores themes such as trust, betrayal, and sacrifice.

3. Citrus

Citrus is a manga by Saburouta about Yuzu, a fashionable and extroverted girl whose mother remarries and who transfers to an all-girls school. There, she encounters Mei, the president of the icy and severe student council, who turns out to be her new stepsister.

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary

Yuzu opposes Mei at first, but after an unexpected kiss, she begins to develop emotions for her. Citrus is a renowned and controversial manga that depicts Yuzu and Mei’s complex and ardent romance.

3. What Does The Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say? is a manhwa by Team Gaji that chronicles the lives and loves of three webtoon company employees: Seongji, the talented and charismatic director, Sumin, the clever and attractive manager, and Sungji, the new and naïve assistant.

Seongji and Sumin had a relationship in the past, but it ended poorly. Sungji is unaware of their history, but she is attracted to them both.

What Does the Fox Say? is a realistic and mature manhwa that examines the complexities of love, friendship, and labor.

5. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You is a manga by Nio Nakatani about Yuu, a girl who has never experienced love despite having numerous admirers. She is confessed to by Touko, the ideal and popular student council president.

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary

Yuu agrees to date Touko in order to discover what love is. Touko’s secret is that she does not want Yuu to adore her back.

Bloom Into You is a lovely and moving manga that depicts Yuu and Touko’s development and struggles as they discover themselves and each other.

6. Lily Love

Lily Love is a manhwa written by Ratana Satis about Donut, a cheerful and genial college student who enjoys eating sweets, and Mew, a silent and reticent senior who aspires to become a writer. Donut becomes Mew’s editor for her online novel, and the two form a rapport over their mutual love of yuri stories. As they spend more time together, sentiments that transcend friendship develop between them. Lily Love is an adorable and airy manhwa that depicts the evolution of Donut and Mew’s friendship into a romantic one.

7. Girl Friends

GirlFriends is a manga by Morinaga Milk about Mari, a timid and introverted girl who has no school friends, and Akko, a cheerful and extroverted girl who befriends her. Under Akko’s influence, Mari becomes increasingly confident and fashionable.

She begins to comprehend that she has an infatuation on Akko, but is unsure of how to handle it. GirlFriends is a classic and endearing manga that depicts Mari and Akko’s sluggish and incremental romance.

8. Tamen de Gushi

Tamen de Gushi is a manhua written by Tan Jiu about the hilarious and endearing exploits of Qiu Tong, a gentle and innocent girl who enjoys wearing sunflower pins, and Sun Jing, a tomboyish and cool girl who falls in love with her at first sight.

10 Manga Like Bad Thinking Diary

As they go through various situations and misunderstandings, they become companions and eventually more. Tamen de Gushi is a humorous and endearing manga that will make you grin and chuckle.

9. Netsuzou Trap

Yuma, a naive and inexperienced girl with a fiancé, and Hotaru, her childhood companion with a boyfriend, are the protagonists of the manga Netsuzou Trap by Kodama Naoko.

Nevertheless, Hotaru begins to seduce Yuma, claiming that it is merely practice for their actual relationship. Yuma is conflicted and perplexed, but she is unable to resist Hotaru’s advances. The manga Netsuzou Trap examines the themes of betrayal, manipulation, and desire in a dark and twisted manner.

10. Fluttering Feelings

Fluttering Feelings is a manhwa by Ssamba that follows the lives of No-rae, an outgoing college student who enjoys drinking and partying, and Seol-a, an attractive and enigmatic girl who enjoys reading and drawing.

They meet by coincidence in a convenience store and begin to socialize as companions.

As they become better acquainted, they develop sentiments for one another that they cannot express. Fluttering Feelings is a realistic and emotive manga that depicts No-rae and Seol-a’s relationship through its ups and downs.


These mangas are comparable to Bad Thinking Diary in terms of genre, style, and/or narrative. If you enjoyed Bad Thinking Diary, you may also be interested in the following manga. They will definitely satiate your yuri, smut, drama, and romance cravings. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for Manga Related updates.

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