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Pokémon Horizons Episode 27 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Watch!


Pokémon Horizons Episode 27 Release Date: Pokémon Horizons is an anime TV series presently airing only in Japan. This TVTokyo series does away with the classic Pokemon character Ash and introduces Two new characters Liko and Roy.

They join hands with Rising Volt Tacklers, a team of explorers who travel throughout the Pokémon universe and stop at places like Paldea, which was first seen in the previous series of the Pokemon universe. The Explorers, an organization that is looking for Liko’s pendant for unidentified reasons, pursue them as they go.

I will be your voyage captain as we explore the release date, timings, where to watch, and spoilers for the Pokémon Horizons Episode 27.

Pokémon Horizons Episode 27  Release Date

Pokémon Horizons Episode 27 will officially be released on 3rd November 2023. New episodes of Pokémon Horizons are presently only available to watch on TVTokyo in Japan. New episodes air on Fridays at 6:55 PM JST, which is extremely inconvenient for most potential American viewers as it translates to 2:55 AM Western Time and 5:55 AM Eastern Time. Understanding Japanese is necessary to comprehend the dialogue in the episodes because they are meant for a Japanese audience and are not subtitled. There will be an English dub of Pokémon Horizons; the premiere date is currently unknown but is expected to occur in late 2023.

Where to Watch Pokémon Horizons Episode 27?

Pokémon Horizons Episode 27 can only be watched in Japan on TVTokyo. Although the date and timings for Pokemon Horizons’ international premiere have not yet been revealed, it is anticipated that the series will eventually be available on Netflix outside of Japan.

The anime, like Pokemon Ultimate Journeys before it, is likely to be released in batches rather than weekly when it does eventually make its way onto Western Netflix services. 

Pokemon Horizons Episode 27

Spoilers For Pokémon Horizons Episode 27  

Spoilers for the Pokémon Horizons Episode 27  have not been released yet. Spoilers usually hit the internet three or four days before the release. We will update if the spoilers are released before the release date.

Ash and Pikachu’s journey finally came to an end as this series introduced brand new protagonists, Liko and Roy. The slower-paced slice-of-life episodes and the story and plot of Pokémon Horizons have been well-balanced, and it appears that this trend will only continue through Pokémon Horizons Episode 27.

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Pokémon Horizons Episode 26 Recap

Pokémon Horizons Episode 26 was a bit of a breather after the pivotal battle between the Explorers and the Rising Volt Tacklers. The emphasis was on Liko getting to know Terapagos because the Pokémon showed a great deal of curiosity about its surroundings. Terapagos forced Liko to retrieve it after he climbed out onto a hazardous area of the ship, almost getting into trouble.

Liko almost fell, but Terapagos and her grandmother saved her. Along with sharing some fresh information from Lucius’s journal, Liko’s grandmother also showed him a photo of Terapagos in his other form. Although these slice-of-life-style episodes differ from the more plot-focused ones, Pokémon Horizons has consistently shown itself to be a show with a high caliber of presentation.

They have a cozy familiarity to them that should please fans of the original Pokémon anime because they are similar to the kinds of adventures Ash would have in between gyms. But this quiet time might not last for long because the bad guys might be on the move once more. 

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Pokémon Horizons based on the famous TV cartoon Pokemon has captivated viewers with its amazing plot and storytelling. The mystery and drama of the story keep becoming deeper thanks to its network of compelling characters and multi-layered plot. Look forward to more amazing exploits in the upcoming action-packed Pokémon Horizons Episode 27.

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