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Dark Gathering Episode 19 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Watch


Dark Gathering Episode 19 Release Date: Dark Gathering is an anime based on the manga version of the same name. The story revolves around Yayoi Hōzuk and Keitarō Gentōga. Both can see ghosts and spirits. The former has two pupils in her eyes and the latter has a cursed left hand. Two more characters are in the main theme.

They are Ai Kamiyo, the God’s bride and Eiko Hōzuki, Keitaro’s love interest. Ai has a star-shaped pupil and will die on her 20th birthday and will become God’s bride. Let us embark on a journey to explore the release date, where to read and spoilers of the Dark Gathering Episode 19.

Dark Gathering Episode 19 Release Date

Dark Gathering Episode 19 will officially be released on 12 November 2023. Here is a detailed schedule for the release of Dark Gathering Episode 19 for various countries and regions.

Country Date of Release Timings
Japan 12 November 2023 01:00 AM
South Korea 12 November 2023 01:00 AM
Australia 12 November 2023 01:00 AM
India 11 November 2023 09:30 PM
Philippines 12 November 2023 01:00 AM
Central Europe 11 November 2023 06:30 PM
Pacific Time  11 November 2023 09:30 AM

Do check the release schedule before you open any platform. The dates may vary and the dubbed version may be a day or two later than the original.

Where to Watch Dark Gathering Episode 19?

You can watch Dark Gathering Episode 19 on Viz Media’s website. All the episodes of Dark Gathering are available in English on Muse Communications. The anime series is projected to have a total of 25 episodes. We have 6 more episodes to wait for after this episode is released.

Dark Gathering Episode 19 Spoilers 

Spoilers for the  Dark Gathering Episode 19  have not been released yet. We will update if the spoilers are released on any date. The preview from the previous chapter can provide some clues about what might be the plot of the latest upcoming episode. We can expect Yaoyi to look for her past and her mother as the previous episode ended with her holding a photo of her mother. 

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Recap of Dark Gathering Episode 18

In Dark Gathering episode 18, the mother’s secret bone and the three wicked “angel” spirits are killed, lifting the curse that had been placed on Eiko’s stomach. After removing all ghosts and evil spirits, Eiko completed the agreement for the girl to live in the Graduate Spirit Dorm. However, when one dispute was settled, another simmered beneath the surface.

Dark Gathering Episode 19 Release Date

The Spectre of Death Kuubou battled Ai’s “god” spirit and devoured Kishimojin, who was powerless to defend itself because of its prohibition on harming minors. Yayoi protects Eiko from the fury of the angel and daughter spirit. They can vanquish every angel and spirit in the building and release Eiko from their curse with the aid of her extraterrestrial spirit.

Yayoi and Eiko visit Keitaro after Eiko makes a call to the owner and purchases the house. For him to join them on their upcoming ghost hunt, they advise him to get plenty of sleep. Dark Gathering Episode 18 was titled Morning Twilight. Just a few more days of patience as we will soon get Dark Gathering Episode 19.

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Dark Gathering Episode 19 is on the cards. Since its debut on July 10 of this year, this anime has established a huge fan base across the world. This anime is based on the manga version with over a million copies in circulation. Dark Gathering Episode 19 has fans waiting for the release with as many plotlines possible with as many heads pondering over this fantasy anime.

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