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Where Is Joe Guidice Now? Everything You Need To Know About His Court Case


Giuseppe Guidice also known as Joe Giudice is an Italian actor and reality television personality. Joe Giudice is also the ex-husband of Teresa Giudice. Social media users have been wondering where Joe Guidice is now, here is everything you need to know about the famous star.

Joe Guidice Early Life And Career

Where is joe guidice now

Joe Guidice is an Italian and he was born in Saronno Italy. He moved to Paterson New Jersey when he was young. Guidice first worked as a construction builder and he also owned a restaurant in New Jersey.

Where Is Joe Guidice Now?

Where is jow guidice now

Joe Guidice is currently in the Bahamas after he was deported from the United States of America. Joe Guidice is currently living a separate life after he was convicted of fraud. After he was deported from the United States in 2019, he spent some time in Italy with his family before heading for the Bahamas.

Joe Guidice initially went for a boxing bout in the Bahamas before he decided to stay back in the Bahamas. Joe Guidice also appeared on the Terasa podcast Namaste B$tches, where he revealed that he is currently staying in the Bahamas.

He also revealed that it is closer to the US and he feels he has a life in the Bahamas. He further stated that his daughters often visit him. The former Real House Wives of New Jersy star also misses his daughters as he revealed on the podcast.

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Joe Guidice And Teresa Legal Troubles

Where is Joe Guidice now

Joe Guidice and his wife filed for bankruptcy. An auction of furniture from their Towaco NJ house was initially scheduled to hold in August 2010 but it was put on hold after their bankruptcy petition was withdrawn. The couple was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud as well as making a false statement on a loan application.

The indictment also charged, Joe Guidice with his failure to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008. He was said to have earned nearly $1 million. Joe Guidice and his wife plead not guilty to the charges. Joe Guidice stood trial on November 19, 2013, on individual charges that he used his brother’s birth certificate to obtain a driver’s license in 2010.

Where is Joe Guidice now

His driver’s license had been suspended following a DUI arrest in 2010. Joe Guidice was convicted and his driver’s license was suspended for 12 months he was also slammed with 20 days of community service. Joe Guidice was also having the same attorney for both cases and the district judge Esther Salas moved the date of the tax fraud.

Joe Guidice and Teresa were both accused of engaging in bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy which they earned over $5 million in 10 years.

Where is Joe Guidice now

Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in jail in federal prison while Joe Guidice was sentenced to 45 months. The couple was also asked to pay a combined fee of $414,000 for restitution.

The Judge also allowed them to serve their sentence separately because of their children. Teresa first served her sentence before Joe Guidice began serving his sentence.

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What Is Joe Guidice Doing?

Where is Joe Guidice now

Joe Guidice is currently doing the same similar work he did in New Jersey in the Bahamas.

He also revealed during the podcast that he likes doing construction rentals which is what he did in the US. Joe Guidice owns a construction company and he sees the day-to-day activities of the company.

Joe Guidice also revealed that it is an easy job for him and he doesn’t complain about salary.

He also posted a video of workers offloading materials from a small boat. However, he also stated that nothing good comes easy and the job is sometimes stressful.

Joe Guidice’s Personal Life

Where is Joe Guidice now

Joe Guidice and Teresa Guidice married in 1999 and they have four daughters Gia Guidice, Milania Guidice, Gabriella Guidice, and Audiana Guidice.

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